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United Gamers / Business- Instagrammer / 15K+ Followers

The goal of United Gamers is to offer health and training services to esports players. Initially, they are developing a digital tool for the optimization of the main skills required in League of Legends, also offering healthy tips from the different areas involved in the practice. They seek to improve the current training model, providing a new methodology specific to esports, to help players achieve their highest performance.

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Wings7lol / Instagrammer / 60K+ Followers

Wings7lol started his Instagram page on 2nd September 2015, his highly interactive posts with his followers is why he has such a close community. Wings and LOLBuddy are now together and have been partnered together for over a year, Wings is a designer with great skills, potential and is growing larger daily, make sure to follow him with the links below!

Leagueoftricks / Instagrammer / 110K+ Followers

Leagueoftricks started his Instagram page on  posts daily tips, tricks, facts and various lore rich information. Leagueoftricks and LOLBuddy have now been partnered for over half a year. Leagueoftricks runs besides his Instagram page also a Youtube channel and Facebook page. If you’re looking for that additional league info preventing you from ranking up or just some interesting in-game interaction between champs, Leagueoftricks has got you covered. Make sure you check out his work and posts with the links below!

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King.luxie / Instagrammer / 100K+ Followers

KingLuxie started their Instagram page on 17th December 2016. If you’re looking for a good laugh KingLuxie has you covered with funny memes and fan art collections for days. If that isn’t good enough they also have a dedicated fanpage for LoL as well as multiple cosplayers showing some of the best and most dedicated out there. KingLuxie and LOLBuddy have been partnered for months. In addition KingLuxie is also a talented drawer so make sure you check them out with the links below!

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