Offline mode, VPN, Key bindings and champion pool are all included in the checkout price. This distinguishes LOLBuddy in comparison to our competitors.

Customer care

We value our relationships with our customers and strive to listen and interact with each individual to find the right solution to your solo queue problems.


All the communications on the site and between boosters and customers are encrypted. We make a VPN connection to your country to keep you safe.


The customers that order are very happy and leave great reviews behind. Before hiring a booster we go through intensive training to make sure they are suitable for the task.

Frequently asked questions

We have a wide variety of services to choose. The most in-demand option being individual skin purchases. You provide your in-game name and which server you are on. We will send you a friend request (our IGN always contains “skins”) and after 24 hours of being friends you will receive the requested skin. All of our accounts are safe and secure so we can always guarantee a great performance.

You will be redirected to the order detail page to show proof of purchase and provide you with additional details concerning your order. You will also receive an order receipt in your mail. All you have to do then is to wait for a friend request on your League of Legends account (our IGN always contains “skins”), after 24 hours we will send you the requested skin/champion.

No! We do everything accordingly to the riot policies, we also have special programs to keep you extra safe! We do everything to put safety at first priority, both for you the customer and our RP accounts. If we have accounts banned we lose out on our profit so our incentive is just as high as yours.

You can reply to the mail you received with the correct details or mail a new one. Our customer service team is always ready to assist , so don’t worry about any small mistakes!

Yes! We would love to receive an message from you. We can provide a bespoke (custom tailored) product that you can order, we are always open to suggestions.

We will NEVER ask your password for RP exchanges. So you are in no risk of your account being stolen. We also have AES-256 bit encryption so your in-game name and server are safely stored.

Currently we accept Skin purchasing orders from: Europe West, Europe Nordic & East and North America!

We do not offer free RP to anyone, however there is still a chance to get free RP simply by joining our giveaways on Instagram, check out the #📲》references channel!

Sadly we can’t go in too much detail, but the method we use is legal and even brings economic growth.

Our prices are based on the highest RP recharge in the League of Legends store, click below to see our price calculation. We also have apply free discount codes if you order above a certain value. For more details please click below “Free discount?!”. If the order is below €10,00 we unfortunately have to calculate a €0,50 fee.

We will use in this example a 1350 RP skin. If you pay €50,00 you will get 7200 Riot Points. First we calculate the price per Riot Point and multiply it by the the items in store value.

50 / 7200 = €0,00695 per Riot Point. 1350 x 0,00695 = €9,38

We give automatic discounts if you order above a certain value:

  • €20,00 – €34,99 will give you a 5% discount.
  • €35,00 – €49,99 will give you a 10% discount.
  • €50,00 and higher will give you a 15% discount.

About us

Our Story

Many of us have boosted  in the past privately but the market became saturated by poor quality, unreliable boosting sites. Previous employers with poor working environments who failed to deliver on previously agreed income gave us the required inspiration to work together. By creating our own site we hope to not only keep the pricing low but keep both our boosters and customers happy.

LOLBuddy Team

Our dedicated team at LOLBuddy consists of passionate gamers who enjoy what they do. Knowing each other for a long time has developed our team into a strong and highly effective boosting team. Being such a close community of players not only allows us to deliver results at a much higher standard than the competition but also develop strong relationships with our customers.

How we get to work

After receiving an order, the moderators will hand-pick the booster most suited for the job who will then add you to his Discord chat. You are then able to message and possibly voice with the assigned booster. Our team will monitor progress to keep the account and the booster safe. Every booster only handles one order at a time and we have created complex strategies to boost at even the highest levels.

LOLBuddy is not endorsed by Riot Games and does not reflect the views, beliefs and opinions of Riot Games as well as third parties officially involved and associated with production or management of League of Legends.

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